Double Down


You’ve got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, and know when to Double Down! The Double Down can cover a wide gamut of styles from rock to blues to honky tonk to psychedelia just to name a few. It pairs the big, rounded thickness of a humbucker with the crisp bite of a single coil pickup. Two independent volume controls and a master tone provide the versatility to dial in your sound. Sometimes in life you just gotta Double Down!

*All guitars are built for a right handed player unless otherwise notified upon ordering.

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•SCALE LENGTH: 23 inches
•PICKUPS: SLG Venom mini humbucker ~12.55KOhm, SLG Widow single coil ~6.05KOhm
•CONTROLS: 500K HB volume pot, 250K SC volume pot, 500K master tone pot
•KNOBS: premium chrome dome w/speed rings
•STRING SPACING: bridge= 1-3/4″, nut= 1-3/4
•STRINGS: GHS Lap Steel 13-56 (currently tuned to open E)
•FRETBOARD: cnc etched acrylic with red underlay
•TUNERS: SLG chrome closed 3L+3R
•BRIDGE: slotted, chromed metal
•NUT: slotted, chromed metal
•BODY: 7 ply Canadian maple, 31.75″L x 8.5″W
•FINISH: black water based urethane w/underside leg grip