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Have a skateboard deck sitting around collecting dust? Maybe one with sentimental memories that you would like to connect with again? Happen upon a deck with the greatest graphic ever? Contact us with what you have and what you want it to be transformed into. We will do our best to bring your vision to reality at a price you will be pleased with.

*Listed price includes components found on our Riptide model with SPECS below.

*All guitars are built for a right handed player unless otherwise notified upon ordering.

We retain the right to deny any received skateboard deck due to structural reasons. In such a case, deck may be returned free of shipping charges upon sender’s discretion. All decks need be free of grip tape. It is optimal to supply a top and bottom photo to best assess your vision. Completion time frame may vary depending on the desired attributes of your guitar.



•SCALE LENGTH: 23 inches
•PICKUP: SLG Venom mini humbucker ~12.55KOhm, but customizable
•CONTROLS: 500K volume pot, 500K tone pot, but customizable
•KNOBS: customizable
•STRING SPACING: bridge= 1-3/4”, nut= 1-3/4”, but customizable
•STRINGS: GHS Lap Steel 13-56 (currently tuned to open E), but customizable
•FRETBOARD: laser etched acrylic to show off deck
•TUNERS: SLG chrome, gold, or black closed 3L+3R, but customizable
•BRIDGE: slotted, chromed metal, but customizable
•NUT: slotted, chromed metal, but customizable