SkateLap Guitars came about thanks to my love of both music and board sports. One day I envisioned what it would be like if these two worlds were to collide. Using my years of industry experience, I devised a design that would incorporate the body of a skateboard deck with the playability of a guitar. Combine my love of working with my hands to present a finished product with the driving force of perfecting details and things started to come into focus. I discovered that no one was offering such a creative, quality piece of equipment at a price the average person would consider to be a great value while providing outrageous customer service. I felt like I could fill that void and here we are today!

We care about your SkateLap Guitar as if it was being built for ourselves and we strongly stand behind that mentality.

Our mission is for you to be overwhelmed by not only the unique product we provide you, but also by the superior service you receive.

We want you to tell your friends about your experience with us in hope that they allow us to take great care of them as well!

-Mark Toms


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